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For both on- and off-road driving and is designed to complement your truck by providing rugged toughness, while delivering a smooth and quiet ride.


  • 5-rib design
  • Deep, non-skid and wide grooves
  • Durable, crack resistant carcass and compound
  • Optimum groove taper angle
  • Long sidewall flutes and decoration notches
  • Deep internal and external ribs
  • Groove amplitude-Hi-Miler G2020 DT
  • Blading (scribe lines)-Hi-Miler G2020 DT



  • Improved mileage performance.
  • High mileage performance, enhanced durability and traction
  • Higher rate of retreadability and better penetration resistance
  • Facilitates stone release
  • Relieves heat generation
  • Reduce irregular wear
  • New tire appearance, reduced irregular wear (scribe lines) and more “rubber” on the road




7.00-16 HI MILER G2020 10 PR

7.50-16 HI MILER G2020 12 PR

7.00-15 HI MILER G2020 10 PR

7.00-15 HI MILER G2020 12 PR

10.00-20 HI MILER G2020 16 PR

10.00-20 HI MILER G2020 Max 16 PR

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