When it comes to logging and heavy hauling situations, this tire is the undisputed champion. With its casing of high grade nylon, Timber King resist the destructive effect of heat and heat buildup.Its combination of tough,cut resisting rubbers minimize wear on the road and chipping off the road. All of which makes it superbly durable and easily retreadable.


  • Deep nonskid
  • Directional design, high taper angle and wide lugs
  • Deep radial grooves
  • Chevron tread design
  • Tough, cut-and-bruise-resistant tread rubber
  • High grade nylon casing
  • Sharp angled lugs and deep grooves
  • Massive lug pattern



  • High mileage performance and enhanced traction
  • Self cleaning ability and resist against chip and chunk
  • Enhanced traction and resist against lug tear
  • Self cleaning ability with maximum traction and non-slippage characteristics
  • Minimizes tire wear and chipping off the road . Excellent strength and improved mileage.
  • Resist the destructive effect of heat build-up
  • Increase impact resistance
  • Ensure superior traction




11.0-20 Timber King 16PR

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