Completion Test Line

Speed Test Bench and all necessary for a Test Line Center

For car, motorcycle and universal test lines

Speed Test Bench

mod. Velo 3R/NS

Approved speed test bench for motorcycles, three-wheel vehicles and light quadricycles (quad included).

Speed Test Bench

mod. Velo 40/a

Approved speed test bench for motorcycles and mopeds. Equipped with an eddy current brake and electrical panel

Play Test Bench

mod. PGN

Approved play test bench for cars and trucks equipped with a control unit with function keys and electric flashlight

Suspension Test

mod. STL

Suspension test bench with Eusama calculation system. Ideal to check the efficiency of vehicle shock absorbers

Console for PC/peripherals and Accessories

mod. T100

The T-100 console is designed to be an ergonomic system console for technical inspection and diagnostic lines. The cabinet is equipped with specific areas for computers, printers, monitors and keyboards for the operator working on the test procedure.
All modules are interfaced with the computer via serial cables or wireless, as well as other accessories such as probes and adapters that are housed in the cabinet with appropriate supports and containers.

ComparisoManagement Software for TestLine Centers


W.I.L. Software

The software has been recognized over the years as an industry reference for its ease of use and performance. The real strength is the automation of testline procedures.


Bug Tool Software

Bug Tool is therefore an advanced software that not only complies with regulatory provisions, but follows the customer with few clear and simple steps until the revision is completed.


mod. SB

Tool necessary for detecting environmental conditions, in compliance with the specifications of the mctcnet2 protocol, which provides for the sharing of the detected data on the network.


mod. RT 9000 U

Universal plate recognition system approved for all auditable vehicles with a mass of less than 3.5 tons and prepared for the reading of both front (where applicable) and rear plates.

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