Dynamic Reception


Increase your opportunities, accelerate your business.

Run multiple tests in less time, increase sales opportunities for services and spare parts.

Optional tools such as Dynamic Side Slip Test, Nd QuickCheck and Tread Laser Help your business identify all vehicle mechanical and wheel alignment issues, save money and increase customer service and trust.

Dynamic, static and visual tests allow immediate measurements of the tread and convergence condition. In a few seconds you will have the opportunity to increase the number of alignments, rotations, sales of spare parts and much more.

Prepares quick quotes and authorisations for repairs and generates more revenue and profits. Stimulate customer loyalty with comprehensive and easy-to-understand reports.


Faster than Quick, more complete than a Check

The combination of equipment produced by Vamag (with its own management software designed for this type of activity) allows you to meet the most advanced standards in terms of service. In a structured service center, the acceptance operation not only represents the physical delivery of the vehicle with the list of operations to be performed but a real opportunity to provide information on the state of the vehicle and propose further interventions that, if anticipated and combined with others, can be more convenient or avoid a vehicle stop.

A new Business

Don’t change jobs, change the way you work

Most vehicles entering your company need to realign the vehicle trim. There are many reasons for this and incorrect alignment often leads to uneven tire wear, excessive fuel consumption and the lack of necessary safety when braking and driving. Lack of time and of proper equipment drive away many opportunities for both your company and your customers.

Through the One-Stop dynamic diagnosis, the Acceptance software reveals new opportunities for intervention and business:
• Easily check every vehicle
• Multiply your alignment and support sales
• Stand-alone operation simplifies acceptance work
• Improve the professionalism and image of your company
• Increase your profits further

Improve professionalism in Acceptance

Perform up to 16 tests in a few minutes: one single passage, one braking, one Final Report!

Vehicle ID

Vehicle Recognition

Dynamic Side Slip Test

Rapid Side Slip Test

Quick Check

3D Wheel Trim Analysis

SBT Tread Laser

Tire tread laser profiler

Break Test

Brakes, suspension and yaw

Visual Inspection

Bodywork, Glasses and Rims

“ADV” Acceptance Software

Your acceptance is connected

The software, also conceived by Vamag, is able to generate in a few seconds a complete report of the individual checks and of the overall status of the vehicle.

Based on these results, visible on the screen and coded in red, green and yellow colours (depending on the priorities), the customer becomes aware in real time of any other anomalies (in addition to those that took him to the workshop) and can decide what to do.

As can be seen from this description, acceptance can become a business opportunity for your workshop, using objective data to inform the customer. Based on your initiative, you can propose maintenance actions on the bodywork, on the rims, replacement of the mats and wiper blades and much more.

Discover the V.I.C. Dynamic Reception

edicated to Commercial Vehicles up to 35 quintals

+ 900mm platforms for every type of wheelbase and track
+ Laser Tread Reader for Twin Wheels
+ Dynamic Side slip test
+ ADV software

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