Power Test Benches

We make your tests easy and professional

Why invest in a Power Test Bench

An extra advantage for the efficient workshop

Owning a power test bench (or road simulator) and testing the work done on customers’ cars before returning them increases professionalism and customer loyalty.
Thanks to advances in technology, in particular with the Dyno bench with eddy current, these solutions are now more affordable and economical than ever.

Type of benches

Key components that form the background

The first and most important is the absorption technology. Commonly, water breaks are used as the primary absorption method in dynamometer benches, but eddy current dynamometers provide a clean, economical and affordable alternative. While water brakes rely on a clean water source, are susceptible to flooding and have long periods of inactivity, the air-cooled eddy current brake is relatively problem-free. An inexpensive electrical connection is all you need to have an effective test method at hand whenever you need it.

Why does a Test Bench make sense for your business?

Shows your customers your dedication and ability to efficiently identify and solve their problems

Eliminates responsibility and the time spent in road tests;
– No traffic congestions and zero risk of road accidents;
– No driving time to reach areas where engine cooling and performance can only be partially tested;
– Immediate ability to simulate problems encountered by customers;
– Ability to fully replicate any MPH, RPM or output load level to recreate a reported problem;

Less staff employed in road tests
– Allows technicians more time to work on profitable hours;
– A second technician is not required to read the diagnosis
– You don’t have to be on the road!

Correct and professional verification of the repair
– Demonstrates that the services performed have solved the problems reported by the customer;
– Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty;
– Significant added value with the release of professional reports
– Instant credibility and trust in Repair

Reduction or elimination of customer return
– Reduced risk of collateral coverage
– Simulates loading conditions on inaccessible ground
– Increase in the volume of service from referrals
– Increased profitability of the workshop

Additional performance issues can only be identified on the test bench
– Problems that may not be encountered in a normal test drive

Road driving time is replaced with additional repair time… to be billed!
– Increased sales of spare parts;
– The market allows you to charge for dynamometer testing services;

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